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[Visual Novel] Tears to Tiara

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[Visual Novel] Tears to Tiara

Post by Goku on 2009-08-26, 22:35

A Demon King named Arawn was sealed away for 1,000 years. After a girl named Rhiannon (Ri-a-n-no-n) releases him, they travel together and she becomes emotionally attached to him. [3][4]

The Gael Tribe were forced to migrate from Erin island into Albion under the leadership of Arawn. While on Erin island, the Holy Empire led by Gaius begins it's conquest on Erin island.

The Castle of Avalon was re-opened to host the new migrates. The castle originally belonged to Arawn about a thousand years ago. It was managed by 2 House Elves, Limwris and Ermin. Upon arrival, Arawn and his followers - Arthur, Rhiannon, Morgan and Ogam, a Great Sage - daily task is hunting for food for the tribe.

More characters soon join in as a party - Llyr, Rathty and Octavia.

Due to Arawn's nature, he is a 'woman magnet'. Unknowing about the present customs, he takes in more wives after Rhiannon due to blunts, actions and words he makes - *Spoof*: Llyr, the Sea Elf, was supposed to work as a servant in his household when she was sent by her people as a 'gift' after hearing of Arawn's resurrection. Due to misunderstandings, Arawn burnt her Seal Pelt, which is a gift to the person she will marry to as a token of promise. Arawn boldly admitted his mistake, but did not know of the customs of the Seal Elves, and he was made to take responsibility of Llyr.

Soon, the Holy Empire starts its expansion into Albion and Avalon is in their path of conquest. The story continues after the first meeting of Octavia and how she becomes one of Arawn's wives.
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